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PyroFest Pyro Lineup

2016 Pyro Line Up

2016 Pyro Line Up to be announced soon!

Pyro Lineup


4:00 PM                   Gates Open

6:00 PM                   NOMAD on the Main Stage

7:15 PM                   Daytime Colored Smoke & Salute Fireworks Display

7:30 PM                   B.E. Taylor on the Main Stage

9:05 PM                   Consumer Display Demo

9:15 PM                   "Fantasy in the Sky" Fireworks Challenge Runner Up

10:00 PM                 "Voyage Through the Universe" | A Pyrotecnico Production
                                Back by popular demand for the second international production!


3:00 PM                   Gates Open

3:15 PM                   Ryan Fennell on the Main Stage

5:30 PM                   Opening Noise & Salute Fireworks Display

5:35 PM                   Jimbo & The Soupbones on the Main Stage

6:45 PM                   Ruff Creek on the Main Stage

7:45 PM                   Military Tribute and National Anthem Daytime Fireworks Display

8:00 PM                   Johnny Angel & The Halos on the Main Stage

9:05 PM                   Phantom Fireworks Display

9:15 PM                   "Fantasy in the Sky" Fireworks Challenge First Place

9:45 PM                   World Premiere of Ricardo Caballer Ricasa Fireworks Production (Direct from Spain)

10:20 PM                  World Premiere of "Voyage Through Hollywood" | A Pyrotecnico Production

There will be a Kids Zone, Concessions, and various vendors open throughout the event.

* This line up is subject to change.